Tuesday, February 25, 2014

As History Rhymes

So do my experiences with my history class. I feel like I shouldn't even bother writing this post. For the sake of variety I will shift my focus on something positive rather than complaining about the negative.

I've learned far more about Benjamin Franklin in my recent days than I thought I had known. Even if his autobiography was written to keep up appearances, as my professor suggests, the words stringed together to form their meaning is a still a trove of good advice and useful knowledge.

I was so delighted when envisioning a young Franklin with a bread roll under each arm trying to find his barrings in a strange land upon running away from home. His early years were delightful and so wonderfully human in contrast to the status that many have elevated him to as a founding father of our country.

I will say so far this is my favourite book and even though I have to move on to other reading for class, I'm most interested in returning to this one when I get the chance.

In other news I plan to write a series entitled Conservative Options, and then visually record them in an abbreviated form. In them I wish to articulate my alternate views that political conservatives can take that are different, with the potential to be effective, while still holding to what it is that appears to keep America great.

I am unsure of my readership, but I hope you look forward to it. However, considering my schedule, this may be slow going, but I hope to have it started before the semester ends.

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