Thursday, January 30, 2014

They're Deafening

Those complaints. I feel as if I'm being hypocrite for doing the same, but if I do not say something I feel I will burst.

It's as if when I find some solace and some camaraderie in something, I'm dashed by those that do not find the same. Samual Sewall was an interesting yet typical Puritan, as I recently learned, and his diary is a trove of information for historians wanting a glimpse of early New England. However, I guess vampires are more interesting or whatever it is young people read these days. Not once do I want to hear someone falling asleep to a book they have not found interesting or entertaining. You can do it, but don't let that phrase ring in in my ear. Not again.

I feel so isolated.

Was I the only one who read the book in interest? Was I the only one who laughed? Was I the only one who awed at how children could speak and or recite Latin when I struggled with it as a child myself? What am I to do? Should I cry? Should I scream? Should I stamp out in consternation?

No man is an island they say, funny, I feel I am one in an ocean of disinterested hedonists.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

It Begins Again

I'll be returning to university full time soon.

I remember as a child in elementary school an excitement that accompanied a new semester of school. It's not there in the same way now. I'm more anticipating something miraculous to happen. I anticipate seeing someone come to Christ. I anticipate having a good friend. I anticipate meeting the man of my dreams. I don't know if that's wrong--to want so much--but sometimes hope makes reality less painful.

I also hope to see some interest in learning. I have had the great priviledge to meet professors with a great interest in teaching, but often times very few seem to be interested in learning or get excited about it.Some of the things I've learned over years has been the most fascinating information I've ever come across, yet I can probably count on one hand who appeared to share that sentiment.

However, as an artist I admire said, I need to just enjoy life and school while I have it. I think I need to do just that. Moreover, find my joy in Him from who all knowledge and wisdom flows.