Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The "Monoversity" of University

I’ve started a new semester, and with other obligations in my life I find that I’ve quite neglected this blog. However, I think I’ll still write when the desire comes to do so.

That desire has come now.

I have recently departed from one of my classes and among the discussions we were having we happened upon the topic of diversity. My instructor was commenting on how he didn’t understand students when they said they came to VCU for the “diversity” since typically people would get into groups with a common denominator (race, religion, etc being the denominator). I agreed with this statement, however, some of the other students commented saying how they liked seeing everyone and the potential of meeting different people. Some also mentioned how everyone gets a chance to be more themselves.

I fail to make such a distinction.

Long story short it seemed I was on a completely different campus. To me everyone looks the same, likes similar things, or finds an acquaintance with those same interests. There are many races and nations represented here, but generally I find most are rather “cookie cutter”.

My main issue is why people are even looking at such an aspect of their college education. We are supposedly trying to move toward a color-blind society, yet here we are advertising, “We are now in Technicolor!”

One final observation I noted was that they showed how lacking in diversity they were that they all had the same opinion; at least those that have the gall to speak up.  

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