Thursday, May 24, 2012

Isn't This Your Natural State?

Recently, the Marvel Comics-based movie debuted called The Avengers. Being a fan of animation, cartoons, comics and anime, I’ve enjoyed many of the comics-made-movies that have emerged in recent years. This one, however, had many aspects that made me enjoy it the most out of my favourites. Also, having grown deeper in my relationship with the Lord, I find messages (or they’re revealed to me) in the strangest places.
Near the beginning of the film the villain, Loki, came into an upscale gathering in Germany disguised as a gentlemen, and extracting something he needed while killing an individual in the process. When he left, while throngs of people screamed, he transformed into his true self with his signature outfit and new scepter. He makes holograms of himself and surrounds the crowd of people present and approaches them as if he’s royalty. He commands them, gently at first, “Kneel.” Without compliance he angrily screams, “Kneel!” again. The crowd complies and he satisfactorily says, “See, isn’t this easier? Isn’t this your natural state?” And an older man stood up to object, and as Loki poses to strike, in ride the heroes.
I saw some beautiful things in this scene:
1.      Satan appears as an angel of light.

Loki walked in looking as all the other guests, unassuming, cunning, and extremely attractive. And just as the onlookers were taken, he struck and he destroyed. Just as Satan and our acts that serve him look so harmless and cunning when they’re leading us to death.

2.      Satan is revealed.

When the crowd saw him as he really appears, that is when they ran, just as when people see the evil of their sin and its destruction they run, in some cases to the Savior and in other cases to those that cannot save.

3.      Satan devalues his servants.

As Loki told the people their natural state was that of a lower one, God sent his Son show us we were meant for much higher. And even though we are still lower than God, we can be proud to be because he is worthy of all honor and subjection because, unlike Satan, he is holy. If he said “is this your natural state?” we can say, “Yes, but before a holy and good God and you, sir, are not he.”

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Rule, Not the Exception, Not In Addition

Like I said, there were no promises I would stay with my Tues-Thurs schedule, but I’m trying.

In the fall out of President Obama’s admission of his support of same-sex marriage, I have noticed two things.
1.      1. Conservatives are ahead of the game.

When everyone else is parading their “first gay President” around for his “evolution” of a tolerant view, conservatives already knew Obama was in the pocket of the supporters of same-sex marriage (SSM). Evidence for this was everywhere, especially with his refusal to support DOMA. Also, this admission has divided the American people further, which is something conservatives also already knew. On the heels of NC deciding 61 to 39% that they know marriage is between a man and woman, he decides to drop his Hispanic (Catholic) supporters, his black supporters, and his evangelical supporters with his support of SSM. These blocs have been known to have low numbers of support for SSM, and even if he picked up the LGBT vote, he’s sacrificed a good bit as well.

2.   2.   Conservatives are wimps.

Those that are not in the “culture war” and boldly claim the illegitimacy of SSM (ie Family Research Council, Bryan Fischer of AFR, etc.), tip-toe around the issue like it’s the glass of a broken milk jug. Not only is it annoying for myself to see individuals I admire dance around the issue, but also it’s upsetting that this is an area conservatives are still weak in when the logic and moral concepts are there to combat the support for this distortion of a public institution. I shall expound:
a.       Obama served himself up on a golden platter when he said he first said years ago that he did not support same-sex marriage (SSM) because of his “Christian faith”, now he argues that his “Christian faith” is what compels him to support it citing a verse from Luke that quotes Jesus saying, “And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.” Otherwise known as the Golden Rule, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Mr. President, there's this thing called "context" and it’s really important. There's also this thing called "logic" and it’s equally important. When Jesus made that statement he was talking about goods and sharing, basically, not marriage or any distortion of it. Furthermore, does "I support same-sex marriage" and "Christ said to do to others as you would them to you" follow? Non sequitur anyone? He may be thinking “Homosexuals let us marry, so we should let homosexuals marry and recognize that marriage in the state.” A “some for me and some for thee” type of mentality. I will deal with this in my next point.
b.      The façade that homosexuals should have “equality” is a false one. Every consenting adult, male and female citizen of the United States of America has the equal right to marry each other and have the state recognize that marriage. What homosexuals want is the special right to not only be able to marry someone of the opposite sex, but also someone of the same sex as well and have that marriage recognized by the state. This is inequality, not the advent of equality. Since generally people do not want to promote inequality, the idea of “that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise” does not apply and never has applied to this matter.
c.       Our country has traditionally supported Judeo-Christian values which have been proven time and time again when put forward justly have been the best guides for morality. We should not abandon those values just because the political winds are changing. Supporting SSM or validating it as a higher or equal relationship with marriage not only devalues marriage, but also promotes an unhealthy lifestyle and dishonors God.
I haven’t even gotten into the sheer medical risks it poses for supporting homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle. However, in light of all this for some reason conservatives still want to skulk around this issue. This is even worse when it comes to libertarians because I’m starting to find they are in support of SSM. However, in the case of one of my favourite libertarians, Lee Doren that heads up How the World Works on Youtube, he not too long ago came out to support SSM and gave a case as to why Republicans should do so as well. He compared it to when Republicans fought for the equality of blacks, and they would be doing good if they fought for equality again but for homosexuals. As I wrote here and in a note to Doren (to which I did not get a reply, but I may post that letter at a later date), this is not an issue of equal rights, but special rights. This is not an issue of people being born with the need to have sexual intercourse with the same sex as black people are born with dark skin. This is their choice, nothing more nothing less. They do not choose to be attracted to someone of the same-sex, but to say making the choice to act on that attraction is moral and/or acceptable is wrong.
To the main point, you have a great thinking man like Doren that wants freedom for everyone and wants to do right by everyone in this country that he’s obviously passionate about. However, a story emerged of a grade school child who had her art censored because it featured a married heterosexual couple. This was supposedly an offensive image. Doren was rightly heated about this, yet it was written all over his face that he needed to figure out how is this wrong if SSM is right. He solved this by saying this was a future that this child wanted, that was the theme of mural: a child growing and experiencing life and finally getting married and having a family. However I think he knows deep inside, just as that child knows deep inside that heterosexual marriage is the rule not the exception and not “in addition to”.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Not How and When, But Who and Why

            Hello, to those who happen to read this. I’ve thought of many things these past months, but due to school, I have not been able to write them. Now that I have a break, I should be blogging more, but no guarantees I will stick to my Tuesday and Thursday blogging plan.
            Now, on to the matter at hand, recently I’ve been delving into Christian apologetics. This has to be one of the most stimulating and exciting subjects I have ever studied. If I did not love art I would possibly pursue this study instead. However, in my survey of this realm of Christianity, I found something interesting in regards to creation. Traditionally, Christians have taken the account for the formation of the world and universe that is described in Genesis as literal, as do I. But some would argue science has disproven this method, and the timeframe attached to it. “Young-Earth Creationists” are typically very attached to the belief the earth is around 6,000 to 10,000 years old while “Old-Earth Creationist” wander into the millions and billions of years. And they end up arguing with each other and evolutionists.
            This conversation saddened me because they appear to be missing the larger point. Personally, since I believe God can do anything, I think it is perfectly acceptable to interpret Genesis literally; however this should be a non-issue when discussing God and his existence. When Christians are talking about the creation, I believe they want to assert, “God created the universe.” Those that assert the same, but have placed it on a different timeline, signal to Christians “evolutionism” which communicates to them the possible removal of God from the equation of creation.
           This is partly naiveté on their part, and ignorance on the other party’s part. This gets in the way of both of parties’ same goal of reaching the world for Christ, especially the intellectual world. Allow me to illustrate: A Christian individual had a friend who mostly leaned toward agnosticism, if I remember correctly. However, this friend was very interested in astronomy and the study surrounding that discipline. He was with his Christian friend one night as he was peering through his telescope at the vast space above him, and after gazing he backed away and looked to his friend. “You know I’m not religious, you know I’m not religious,” he asserted repeatedly, “You know I’m not religious.” 

“But that didn’t happen by accident.”

Here, is where that friend can tell him, “Yes!” “That didn’t happen by accident!” Because the God of the universe placed it in the sky, and no there’s not a question of when or how, but who and why. We know who, God, but why? Because not only is our existence for our benefit, but also after the Fall of man we would need a savior, and if God was not all powerful to create a universe, then he would not have been able to become a man, he would not have been a sacrifice, and he would not have been the salvation for all the world.
            This is why I think we should not get caught up in the “how” and “when” of creation. I’m not saying studying and learning about those questions is wrong, but that should not be one of the goals of Christians to have people believe in Genesis 1 since that will not save them.

Only repentance, confession, and belief on the Lord Jesus Christ will do that.