Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Sky Is Not Blue

As a Christian I desire others to know that God exists in Heaven and if they believe in this God and the sacrifice his Son made to take all their sins upon himself, then they will recieve eternal life in heaven. I understand this desire in many other Christians, and sometimes I know that it can be such a strong desire that the only way to describe it is to say one feels as if he may die if another person does not recieve Christ and follow His will.

When someone's life is on the line the emotion can be overwhelming.

What I cannot understand is the desire to the point of screaming, and yelling, and violence that accompanies some, not all, of the atheistic community and their desire for everyone to believe that God does not exist. Period. It seems they look so hard, talk so long, and devise so diligently a way to explain why a God does not exist. Little do they realize, I suppose, that they're ability to argue a God does not exist in the first place is evidence that He does exist. To believe that no God lives one must first believe that a God exist to not believe in. Otherwise everyone would be asking, "What is God?" I believe if God did not exist we wouldn't even understand the idea of a God and His existence in the first place.

Furthermore, what is the point in believing and forcing or pursuading others to believe that a God does not exist? Believing God exist, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob specifically, brings life, love, and peace in the future.

What does not believing in any God bring?