Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Issue of Life Not Bias

Frustration does not seem to fully encompass my feelings about the popular response to homosexuality in the United States. I mention this because recently someone has posted something to a site asking for signatures for a petition to Uganda to not pass a bill that apparently dictates death to those who practice homosexuality.

Despite my views on the subject, I must say first that I do not believe other countries should attempt to interfere in the government of another country. Furthermore, a citizen (group of citizens) doing so seems to be a vain indulgence in self-righteousness.

All these things considered the petition itself did not upset me as much as the comments below the post. Different variations of “I can’t believe people still think like this!” and “How could they be so hateful?!” repeated over and over again. 

More proof the progressive machine is working and has worked.

As I told a commenter, when AIDS is practically a pandemic around the world, and just in America the CDC estimates “that about 63% [of AIDS cases] were among men who were infected through sexual contact with other men” ( in the early 2000s  and one can only imagine how this is perpetuated around the world. Smaller nations, such as Uganda in this case, has few options; two of which are controlling lifestyles or eradication. And if the petitioner was not being hyperbolic, Uganda has chosen the latter. It goes beyond “hatred” or “bigotry” on a continent that is known for its hurdles with AIDS, but rather an attempt of survival and preservation of the healthy. Granted I know little about the entirety of the bill or why it's being pushed, but that is my first response to my first impression.

On the issue of homosexuality itself, as Christian I believe it is a sin (as the Bible clearly outlines in Romans 1:24-28), and not only is it a sin, but it is a sin among many sins. Homosexuality is not exclusive to itself, but should be treated as a criminal offense just as theft, perjury, and murder. One individual once asked why not treat homosexuality as intravenous drug users are treated? They both are determined incompatible to give blood ( and that is not just for Virginia, but determined by the CDC)  and one of them is arrested for distributing drugs deemed illegal because of their negative effects. Even if a person wished not to equate drug users with those who practice homosexuality that same person can not deny the lifestyle is destructive to the practitioners through the potential to contract diseases (which I believe is the "recompense" that is talked about Romans) and to those involved such as children that have been adopted homosexual couples ( according the American College of Pediatricians sound evidence that children exposed to the homosexual lifestyle may be at increased risk for emotional, mental, and even physical harm.

Do not fall for this illusion of an act of love. Do not dare compare them to colored individuals and troubles they faced to even marry someone who was not their skin color. They were born with stressed melanin, they could not change that. Homosexuals, who are not wrong for feeling attracted to the same gender, but are guilty of acting on that feeling are just as sinful as any liar, thief, or murderer. And also according to Romans 1 all those acts are worthy of death. Always note, however, that Jesus Christ defeated death, and he came so that all that believed on him could have life and have it more abundantly.

If you don't know him, let him show you true love. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Care to be Referred?

Well, here is one of the rare occasions to help me out. Before I started blogging solely on journeys in contemplation I used to use this blog to promote contests or so forth that I had entered. I’m currently not taking classes, so my participation in contests and scholarships has increased considerably and I once again need your assistance. Both of the links below are referrals and both will help me gain points in some way or another in contests I’ve entered on the respective sites. You don’t have to join the sites, but be sure to check them out as I think just clicking them will help me in some way (though joining them may help me even more ~_^).

Thank you for your assistance. I should have a normal post soon.