Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Musical Sensitivity

Why has everyone seem to become so desensitized?

When a person hears a beat, a lovely melody, or peppy rhythm, they do not seem to respond. Music was made to enjoy, so why not enjoy it? What if the musician was walking by; would the response change? Would he not want to see a person dancing to the notes he placed with thoughtfulness or smile at the melody he wrote from his heart? What if it’s not the people, but the music that does not stir activity or enjoyment?

Even if the music sounds enjoyable maybe the heart of the musician is not present, or the music does not contain a motive to move or motivate the listener. Often one can hear beats, guitar riffs, drums, and voices blaring from the ever popular (and harmful) ear buds, but the listener does not respond to them. Instead the listener is staring off into space or typing away on his mobile phone. Maybe the sounds do not signal to the listener to tap his foot, bob his head, or sway with the music that’s reverberating off his ear drums. Maybe because soul no longer embodies music that it does not cause people to move.

There’s no way to resolve this issue. For those like the writer of this blog this is a saddening discovery. Just as much as making music is an art, listening exists as an art also. Willing to find the subtle intricacies in music, acknowledge them, and enjoy them takes time, skill, and care; just like making those lovely aspects. If I was a musical artist I would want nothing more than to find someone singing, dancing, or responding to my music. Do the artists a favor and respond to their music. If it makes you laugh, cry, dance, sing, do it. Even in public respond to music. Artist give us art for us to enjoy and respond to it.