Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Myth Claus

One issue seems to arise year around December. Well, it’s one of many. First, different organizations try to impose the word “holiday” over “Christmas”. Simply put, we wouldn’t have a holiday without Christmas, and around 91% of the nation celebrates Christmas specifically, according to one study, so worries that someone who celebrates Hanukkah or any other holiday would become offended is an unfounded fear. Second, a lot of Christian people become offended over the spelling of Christmas as Xmas because they feel someone is “x-ing” out Christ. In Greek Christ’s name is spelled with a character that looks like an “X”, so the spelling of Christmas as Xmas is correct and does not warrant concern. Finally, the issue I would like to discuss concerns the debate about Santa vs. Christ. As a Christian I do not understand why such a debate needs to take place. God warns us in the Bible that liars have their part in the lake of fire, in other words, do not lie, there are consequences. With this commandment realized one would think the debate would not be there, but I started to find that some Christians actually help their children foster belief in Santa Claus. I heard recently from an individual—a Christian—that she felt that belief in Santa was a good thing because it caused children to behave better. I thought, “Has Christianity become so far removed from Christ that children would behave to honor Santa instead of honoring Christ with good behavior.” Some also don’t warrant telling other people’s children that Santa is a myth. Personally, I would not go about telling children that Santa isn’t real because that would be mean and vindictive, but if a child asked me about Santa Claus or said something concerning him and expected me to respond, I would not “play the game” and spin some type of falsehood about Santa. This child's parents took the risk, like any other liar, and told their child that Santa Claus and his whimsical lifestyle existed, therefore eventually they pay the price and sadly the child gets caught in it too.

Furthermore, Saint Nicholas, the man from which Santa Claus originates, would probably become very upset with what society has done to his character. He lived a life devoted to God, and did works for the good of the people in secret so God would receive the glory. People have assigned glory to Santa Claus in his supposed ability to bring happiness and joy to children by letting him become the center of giving when the truth is he cannot offer anything to anyone. In this post I would like to tell other Christians, parents particularly, to follow God’s word, do not lie to your children to add “magic” to Christmas, and refocus the source of you ability to give presents to your children. Without Christ the Christians of bygone centuries would not have had a reason to establish a holiday, and without Christ no one would be able to experience the generosity and grace of God in sending his son to die as a man, both fully human and fully divine, to save the world from sin. That is something Santa can never offer and never will offer no matter how “nice” a person acts.