Thursday, October 28, 2010

Alternative to Truth

Since Halloween is upon us, I felt the need to comment on this "holiday". During this time of year the Church in America tends to want to water down this celebration that has very pagan roots. They have "Harvest Festivals" or "Trunk or Treat", supposedly trying to offer an alternative to the unrighteous connotations that Halloween has. Some churches even say the purpose of the celebration is to reach the community for Christ.

I take issue with this position.

Christ, in my readings and observations, never used deception to tell others about the truth of their sinfulness and His ability to save and cleanse people of this sinfulness. For the Church to say to the public, "Come! We have candy and games and a safe environment!" and in private say, "Oh, we'll capture them with the love of God once we have them absorbed in our candy and games!" is contrary to the Church's purpose. If the Church feels they need to do anything at all on Halloween other than pray for those that practice the satanic rituals associated with Halloween, they should be truthful about their purpose. Instead of displaying signs that convey, "Free Candy and Games!" they should considering displaying the message of, "Do You Want Something More Satisfying Than Candy?" Tricking people into Christianity or salvation seems childish and under-handed. If the Church is believing  in the Holy Spirit to convict people, why do they feel they need coerce them into hearing about Christianity? Why do we not invite them in and tell them we're all sinners in the eyes of God? Why we do we not tell them this same God offered an opportunity for salvation? Why do we not let the truth of the Gospel draw them in instead of candy and games? If Christians are offering Jesus as an alternative, what does that say about the truth? Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life..."(John 14:6) So if Jesus is the truth, everything else is the alternative. Halloween and it's focus on death is the alternative to life, addiction and dependence on carnal items is the alternative to dependence on God. The Church must show people that Christ is truth. He is what we're meant to have while everything else is the sad and unsatisfactory alternative.

Strive to be better.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Black Recession

First, I apologize for my irregularity of posts. Assuming anyone  out there is still reading of course. I've been busy with school, and nothing really worthy of the content which I would like to present on this site came to mind for me to write. However, my father recently asked me to write my recollections of my experience of going to my university's annual step show. I recieved a good response from my father's friends and colleagues, so I felt that it was appropriate to post here. Enjoy, and feel free to comment.

As my mother drove past the Siegel Center my mother, sister, and I observed a line of people that stretched down the sidewalk that led up to the door of the building. What was significant about this sight was the manner in which the females were dressed. If there were men in the line, they were barely noticeable behind the glistening, brown legs that were numerous and various in number and size. Needless to say, the women were wearing dresses with high hemlines (if hemlines existed at all) and low necklines, high heels, and their hair was either fake, colored, or both. If they did have real hair they wore it in an unruly bush (please note that some did look rather nice with their natural hair in a modest style). As the reader may have assumed, the majority of the women standing outside were black (excuse the lack of the use of the politically correct term “African-American”).

After having observed this sight from outside the building, my mother parked the car and we proceeded to head over to the building. As we trekked to the doors we saw more thighs and calves and various amounts of bare skin. When we finally arrived in the arena more of the same prevailed among the scantily clad women. Once the MC finally stepped on stage (they were at least 10 minutes late), he proceeded to tell jokes and expressed how much he loved ladies and soon mentioned, “It’s 2010 man, I hope yall are practicin’ safe sex. I hope yall are practicin’ safe sex.” The crowd proceeded to whoop and holler in agreement, then he went on to ask if the audience had gotten their HIV testing and continued to joke about going to the “cootie clinic” and the awkwardness that accompanied it. My sister later commented that if he did not love the ladies so much he would not have to worry about going to get HIV testing. In conjunction with talk of HIV testing he mentioned how going to “cootie clinic” can make someone “real religious” and said something to the effect, “You start prayin’ like ‘God, oh please, God, let it come back negative,’ and you start prayin’ in tongues like…” and he proceeded to mimic a prayer language. Of course the audience laughed, and after some comments on underage drinking and the after party, the show finally started.

Some of the step teams were very good, and the night seemed to go well until one of the step teams many people in the audience were excited about took the stage. After some mediocre stepping compared to the other teams, they disappeared off the stage as the lights went dark and sensual music started to play (some older individuals would refer to it as “sex music”) and some of the men came out with chairs. At this point I looked into the crowd since I could guess what was about to happen next, and according the volume of the crowd I guessed correctly. Soon I had to look into my lap instead of the crowd since a lesbian couple in front of my family started to engage each other in a less than appropriate way. Once the music and the crowd started to lower their volume I found the bulk of the members of the step team in a human pyramid while the others were finishing off their sensuous dances in their chairs.

Most of the events mentioned above ended up repeating in some fashion, but something caught my attention: about 87% of the people attending or working there were black. Excuse me while I continue to be politically incorrect, but blacks tend to be the first to yell “racism!” yet they segregate themselves into a immoral, tacky, and distasteful culture. As the music played in the arena they all knew the songs and sang along as I remained completely clueless at times. They stood up for The Negro National Anthem of which I had never heard of before and I’m still clueless as to its purpose. Their degradation of language, their dress, their hairstyles, their music, even their immorality they made exclusive to their race. They claim not to want to suffer racism, but they simply give the public no choice.

On a side note, since I’m a bit of music addict, the presence of melodies caused me to take great interest in the tunes being played. As I listened to organized noise that entered my auditory canals I noticed something that I did not expect. I realized some individuals who are strong advocates for solely “Christian music” and claim that rappers or R&B artists with a Christian flavor “just sound like the world” are wrong. Given I listen to or have listened to copious amounts of Christian rap over the years, I noticed while listening to the “world” that there’s a great difference between it and the Christian music sphere of the same genre. Not only is the lyrical content different, but the quality of the music has a whole different “spirit”, if I may use the term, about it. Taking note that describing something as abstract as music is difficult, I can say the feelings that the secular music offers causes the listener to perceive the sound differently which gives the music a different sound altogether.

All in all, it was an interesting cultural experience, but in the words of my sister, it was also “disgraceful.” There was a time when black people wanted to be seen with the greatest respect since for so long they were judged by their skin instead of their true worth. It seems they want to return that time since they make sure the color of their skin is indicative of who they are far as their worth is concerned. When a large majority of women in one area look like prostitutes and the few men that are present look like delinquents, then the recession of black culture as gone farther back than Donald Trump’s hairline.
 That's all for now.

Strive to be better.