Sunday, June 27, 2010

No Longer Silent

I cried today. My church did a medley of a puppet show and human videos. They chose the song Letters From War by Mark Schultz, and that song has always made me tear. Then they moved on to a song by Carman, of which I cannot recall the title, which caused me to bury my face in my hands and sob. This particular song was spoken word, and if you have ever heard Carman you know he has a very stirring voice when given the right background music. In this song he spoke about America and it’s fallen state, the violation of the ideals of our forefathers, and the destruction of the our country by the corrupt government and the people who support it. What I believe made me gush water from my portals of vision, because I did not know at first, was the timing of this song. This song was written and recorded somewhere in the early to mid ‘90s, yet what goes on in today’s society still echoes the reality of the evil our country is drenched in. This also caused me to realize there had been no change, and we grew worse instead of better. As I heard recently on a Christian radio talk show, “Christians are ‘wusses’.” The speaker was addressing the issue that only three percent of Americans were homosexuals, yet they have a very prominent voice in society. A caller asked how this could be, and he responded with above mentioned phrase. He continued to explain how we as Christians have become tolerant of the evil around us and take little action to fight against it. I want to change that. I do not want to be a silent Christian. I want to do as Carman’s song said and bring God back into America. He is our only hope in midst of all this turmoil. And even if things do not change, He is still “the God who is there” as Francis Schaffer has said. “Jesus gave me more than ever could’ve been expected,” as KJ-52 once wrote. And I urge you, reader, if you claim to be a child of God, to live that out. Don’t be afraid to “bow before God, stand against the evil of man, and stand in the gap.”

Strive to be heard.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Fear

I’m afraid. Though I feel I should not fear anything. I love art, I enjoy how drawing, photo manipulating, and singing makes me feel. Yet, when I have an opportunity to learn and to grow, I become frightened. I’m not sure why, the instructors are there to teach me so I can defeat my fear and succeed, but yet I still fear. I guess I’m so afraid of failure, so afraid of not being good enough I do not want to try at all. Sometimes I wish I did not excel anywhere so I would have nothing but greatness to reach for. I wish I had some constant supporting hand to push me forward. Then I realize I do. I have Jesus, the Lord, and the Holy Spirit. I know that sorrow lasts for a night, but joy comes in the morning. I know that I do not have a spirit of fear but one of power, of love, and of a sound mind.

Retro Satana!

Strive to be better and to defeat fear.