Friday, May 28, 2010

And You Speak With Thunder...

When I was thinking of a title for this post, a song came to mind, the chorus specifically, for the song Fragile Breath by Todd Agnew.

And you speak with thunder and lightning
Your voice shakes the mountains; the foundations of the earth
And all I can offer is this fragile breath
And with each one I'll praise you
With each one I'll praise you more.

Oh, how I wish I could make that true, but at least I can try. Excuse the use of present tense in this post since I wrote it around 1:30 AM.

There’s a thunderstorm going on outside. Now and then the lights would flicker as the thunder clashed or the lightning flashed. I prayed, “Lord, please don’t let the lights go out.” Since I was doing something I felt was important and didn’t want to lose power. Then I began to think, what if what I’m doing right now isn’t very important? What if God sent this thunderstorm just to remind me to think of Him, and spare him a few seconds in my busy and distracted mind? Well, it worked. Looking at all the news regarding my country, the people in it, and the people I know, I can easily lose hope. I wonder where all the good has gone, and why we fail to treat evil as we once did. This thunderstorm reminds me of God’s overwhelming power, his inability to be controlled or predicted, and His overall sovereignty in every place and situation. This rampage of water, light, and sound remind me that my God still lives, he still loves, and he still judges. He has been merciful enough to open my eyes to the truth, and the ability to pray for the boldness to open others’ eyes. I thank him for that, and for keeping the lights on.

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Well, I think that’s it for now.

Strive to be better.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Insert Interesting Title About Grace Here

I’m not one that commonly writes about grace, more specifically the grace of God or His mercy if you will. Seeing as I have not been blogging my thoughts very long, I can say I’ve never written exclusively about grace or mercy. I find that authors that do write about grace have gone through some amazing, life-altering experience where the grace of God and the vastness of His mercy made themselves evident in whatever situation he or she went through. I could say that has never happened to me, but then I recall the day I accepted Christ as my Saviour and His grace gave me a second life and his mercies appear new every morning when I “mess up” again. Once I grasped that concept my mind wandered to a conversation my family had during dinner (yes, I will think of something profound then simple, I’m rather mentally disorganized that way) when my father had read on the internet about teenagers participating in some sort of sex act in class while others recorded it. This review of my father’s information led me to ponder some lyrics of a song by a Christian rapper, Lecrae, that read as follows:

But then some say "How can God exist when

All this evil stuff in the world keep persistin'?

Wrong question. Ask again.

"How come God ain't' let you feel the wrath from sin? "

What you thought last night deserved a first class flight

To Hell where God doesn't dwell. You got that right

But He bought back life, on a cross that night

Christ died, you ain't know that he crossed that price?

I then began to think that maybe those adolescents are not being, excuse my hyperbole, struck down with lightning because of God’s grace and patience in waiting for people like me or people like you, who may proclaim to be a Christian, to reach these young individuals for Christ. My thoughts wander to my friend who left this world by the hands of a murderer. I had never met her in person on account she lived in Canada, but her precious, sweet spirit could have even be felt across the internet. She had knowledge beyond her years, talent, determination, and a zeal for God. She once described herself as a goofball, a follower of Christ, and a bad listener who tries. One has to wonder how people like her have to die so unpleasantly, not that any physical death is pleasant, but for her to leave this world does not quite make sense. Then I remember grace, I remember her mother being comforted by a song lyric that reads, “it is not death to die…” I remember mercy, I remember my other friend saying that our dear, departed companion could look down from Heaven and say “Hah! I got here first!” I remember Krystal Meyers singing, “Baby, that’s the beauty of grace…”

Strive to be better.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Do "Good"

Sometimes I find myself trying to understand evil. I supposed it’s because I see it as a problem and like any problem one must first understand it in order to solve it. Yet with evil there is another problem, for it is nearly incomprehensible. I am aware I live in a fallen world, yet I am surprised by how depraved man is, or was, or will become. I am aware that the state the Earth is not what was originally planned by the great Creator. Still I ponder, and tinker, and turn over the concept of “evil” in my mind. Evil exists, but for me there is no clear reason “why”, yet I know the reason. Why do we feel drawn to darkness? Why do I still feel the need understand why it is dark? It seems like an endless cycle my mind refuses to let me rupture. No matter how much I know Adam and Eve introduced the aspect of “sin” into the world, or how much I know that my life could be worse without the grace of God, I still wonder why evil “is”. I still wonder why it seems so prevalent, yet I know the answer to that too. One apostle wrote, “Be not overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good.” Now the Bible is inspired by God, so essentially God said that, and He wouldn’t tell us mere mortals to do something we have the incapability of doing. Maybe I should stop wondering and just overcome. Maybe I could wonder how good could be more prevalent. Maybe I could just start doing “good”.

Speaking of doing “good”, my friend has entered an essay contest. Please read her short essay as it is very good, and vote for her to win here:

Thank you for voting, and reading.

Strive to be better. Do “good”.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Are You Moved?

Recently a missionary came to the church I attend. He and his rather pregnant wife spoke to us about the work they do in Laos and how much they believe in their calling to do work there for the Lord. Eventually they showed us a short film on the area, the people there, and how the Lord is working there. After watching the film the missionary said, “Wow, I just get choked up every time I see that.” When someone like him says something like that I try to decide whether to feel guilty or not. When I watched the video and saw the country I thought, “Wow, that’s a beautiful setting.” Then I saw the people and where they lived and I thought, “I wonder what they’re life is like.” “What are their daily activities?” Buddhist children were shown in their traditional garments and participating in some sort of ritual and I proceeded to think, “I wonder what that symbolizes.” “What’s the significance of the color of their garments and the way they’re wrapped?” “Oh boy, are those little children adorable.” That thought process commonly takes place for me when I see such scenes. I do not cry or choke. I’m not “moved” Small bodies and malnourished children do not stir up a fire of a raging evangelistic spirit. I do not know why. I wish I could feel that way, but I do not. Though when I see the wealthy woman who believes her life revolves around her appearance, or a man of high standing who believes his stock holdings will hold his future, I choke. That moves me. Seeing such successful people without Christ, and depending on “things” to make them happy, comfort them, protect them, and further them in the world makes me want to cry. I am pained to think of these people who have everything and nothing at the same time will live and die a pointless life. Worst of all, they stand out of my reach. At least it seems that way.

Strive to be better.