Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Joy In Rejection

I said practically at the beginning of this blog that I wasn’t going to talk about my life much. I’m not one to ramble about myself, but this bit has purpose. Yesterday I received a letter from the art school I applied to some months back. I really feel the call on my life to be a fashion designer, and promote modesty in women’s clothing. If that turns out not being my direction, I want to find some way to glorify God through my art and let others see his glory too. Needless to say, I did not get accepted into the school. I knew I probably would not be accepted since copious numbers of students apply every year, and many of them are far more talented than I am. My family and I had been praying a very long time for me to be accepted and go to college, but as I was thinking on my rejection, I started to realize it must be in God’s plan too. My application was very rushed, almost forced. I was scrambling to complete my portfolio and gather all the materials I needed to apply. If I had been accepted, then I would be rushing to acquire my driving license (I’m 18, but I still have my Learners’ Permit), and rushing to prepare for college right out of high school. All this time I was operating on my time schedule. When I found out I had not been accepted it was like God telling me, “Wait, this is what I want to do; you operate on My schedule.” I found comfort in knowing an almighty God has my life set up already for me, but what saddened me was I totally forgot that. I took for granted that he would provide what I wanted when I wanted it instead of waiting for Him to give me what I need when I need it. At this point I’m practically thankful I was not accepted. Now I have close to a year to practice, grow, and improve my academics and artistry for the next window of opportunity the Lord provides me with. He also knew that this would be the perfect moment to teach me this lesson, since I would never forget how happy I was to be rejected from a school.

As always, strive to be better.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

In Light of Things...

Hello. Sometimes I wonder why I keep writing, since now I know no one's reading. I guess I'm kind of hoping that someone will stumble upon this humble blog and be. . . inspired? I'm not sure, anyways. This particular post is meant mainly for promoting anyways, but I do urge you to continue reading.

The link I'm about to post is to a wonderful article concerning God and the recent bill passed by our government. I found it very uplifting and, at the time, very good guide for me personally. I suggest you read it.

Also, I recently aquired a book I pre-ordered from Amazon.com that I'm currently reading that I rather enjoy. It's called Stuff Christians Like by a blogger named Jonathan Acuff, or Jon Acuff if you will. He's a wonderful Christian satire writer, and I really think you'll enjoy the book. Feel free to look into it.

Also, he has a blog that started his endeavor to write and sell a book. You can go to stuffchristianslike.net and read if you will.

I think that's it.

Strive to be better.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Tell Someone

Hello readers, assuming I have any, I hope you're having a lovely day. If not, I hope to brighten it a little.

Last Sunday my youth leader asked us to speak to at least one person about Jesus. I said I'd try, keeping in mind that I rarely see anyone other than my family seeing as I'm homeschooled and all the people I speak to most frequently are Christians. So since, as I suspected, I wouldn't see anyone I could really talk to about Jesus really needed to hear, I thought I'd tell you.

So, to whom ever reads this, I want you to know that there is a man named Jesus, the son of God, that loves you. He died so that you would not have to pay for your wrong doings, your sin, in this life, and He came back to life to give you a chance of salvation and eternal life with Him. He doesn't care what you've done in the past, all He wants is for you to accept Him as your Savior and serve him with righteous living and spreading the message of His perfect and impartial love. Motivation? Eternal life. What some people will neglect to tell you though is that the moment you give your life to Him, the harder it gets, but I assure you, it's worth it. To know you have an everlasting friend, Savior, and life-line, far exceeds the chance of ridicule, persecution, or hardships.

He outlines how to live and more in a book inspired by Him called the Bible, it's practically the instruction book for life and is more applicable than any book ever written as far as I'm concerned.

Feel free to consult it, or send me a comment I'll be more than happy to help you learn more about my Saviour, and how he can be yours too.

Strive to be better.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sitting Rocks and Hand Holders

Well, here I am again, entering text into the infinite space of the internet. I still have no idea if anyone reads these words, but if you do, I thank you.

Recently, I had flipped open my Bible after my regular devotions and randomly thumbed through the books. I suggest doing so now and again. You never know what you’ll land on or how applicable it could be. Sometimes I secretly hope I’ll get a life-changing revelation from just opening it up and reading the chapter I first lay eyes on. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything life-changing or supernaturally applicable to my life right now, but it was life-affirming. I opened up to Exodus, chapter 17, in which Moses follows the Lord’s instruction to strike a rock to provide his people with water, also they enter into a battle with Amalek. During this battle Moses held up his hand and the people of Israel prevailed against Amalek, but when he lowered his hand the people of the Amalek prevailed. Naturally, he kept Moses kept his hands in the air and eventually Moses’ arms got tired (he was human you know) but what got me was Aaron and Hur brought him a rock to sit on and held up his arms until the end of the battle. After thinking about that for awhile, it started to look like an illustration of what God will do for us when we serve Him. It gave me confidence that as long as I live in his will, he will send an “Aaron” or a “Hur” or both, to come and hold up my arms and give me a place to sit, so righteousness can prevail.

Strive to be better.