Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Day of What Color?

Well, as many know, today or yesterday (I really should write during the day so I don’t have my times confused) is/was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. To be completely honest I wasn’t aware of this fact until someone told me on Sunday, since he was asking me if I were to get out of school on that day of which I did not. With this fact in mind, some other acquaintances and friends of mine were discussing the significance of the day and the hardships America had to overcome in the fight against racism. In the conversation someone mentioned the Holocaust and the prejudice against the Jews. Then others chimed in with the racism against Romas (gypsies) in Europe. At one point one of the students I know for a fact is a sort of freedom fighter for everyone bond by anything stepped up on her soap box about the issue. This particular person I’m sure would have been a conductor on the Underground Railroad, marched on Washington, and helped every Jew possible escape the tyranny of Hitler. Though this discussion was all well and good I realized that someone could tell me the dirtiest racial joke, make the most obvious racial slurs, or apply the worst of stereotypes to me or anyone else and I would really not give it a second thought. But when people try to lecture or take a strong stand against racism and proclaim their views, that’s what makes me upset. That emotion that overcomes a person right before they burst with anger seeps into me and builds and I’m not completely sure why. I’m not racist, in fact I agreed with most of what my friends said. After a discussion with my mother I thought that maybe I felt those emotions because I didn’t think they could speak as they did after not going through or experiencing major bouts of racism for themselves. On my own I discovered that I probably got upset because I disagreed with their statement that America has overcome a lot of racism. I feel the most prominent indicator that America is still very racist is the election of President Obama. A lot of black individuals voted for him simply because of the color of his skin, not his character, which goes against the very idea that Martin Luther King Jr. held so dearly. On the other hand some white individuals voted for him because of the “guilt” they supposedly felt for what happened to the black population in America years ago. Though they should have understood that it was not them that enslaved black people but those that were in the past. All is new now, and race should be the last thing people are focused on when assigning the President to office or even hiring a janitor. Who will do the best work? Who is trustworthy? What have other people said about this man or woman’s actions or traits? Those are the questions people should be asking and what we should be judging people on.

Again, just my thoughts.

Strive to be better.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Post of Purpose

Bonjour! I have actually decided to use this site for blogging. I will occasionally use it to promote any projects I’m doing, but otherwise, my thoughts and ramblings will occupy this site on a rather regular basis. At least, I’ll try to keep it up regularly.

If you’re reading this and you don’t know me, this is your chance to learn of my existence. I won’t bore you with the details of my life, but rather let my life as I tell it introduce you to who I am.So, here it is, my first blog post of much more meaning that its predecessors. Since it is Saturday (well it was Saturday) I observe the Sabbath (no, I’m not Jewish), and on this day I find myself thinking in great quantities, thought I do that on a regular basis also. In my thoughts, I analyzed a situation I recently experienced on a forum I am part of. I won’t get into the details for they are too many and too upsetting to cover, but I learned that no matter what you do, no matter what you say, someone will always be offended. Now, the offense isn’t what necessarily made this situation unpleasant, but rather the way it was handled. In many situations such as this, the person offended often wants everyone to believe his or her viewpoint is the only correct one and if you don’t have this viewpoint you should be verbally murdered or converted. Also, in these cases the offender also believes his ideas are correct, and unless he didn’t mean any harm and was stating his opinion, he is ready to go to the proverbial slaughter for his ideas.

Instead of trying to slit each others’ throats in attempt to make the other believe what he or sheis saying is the right idea, I would love see them state their opinion in a calm manner and leave it open for discussion. I’ve always held to the idea that if you present an idea with facts, and in a calm, but confident, manner, others will be willing to accept it as your idea and either further discuss it to find out more about it, or leave it be. For example, I am a vegetarian, more specifically, a lacto-ovo pescetarian . Such title simply means I am a vegetarian that will it fish and milk or egg products. When I tell people such, I tell them why I do it and what prompted me to do so. After such explanation, the listener can either inquire further or change the subject. Some other vegetarians will do the same, but add “Because I can’t stand to kill a poor innocent chicken, how could you do so?” Many variations exist to statements such as the one previously mentioned, but doesn’t it irk you? Does it make you feel and think about all the people whose livelihood depends on the production of meat? This is where the offense enters and starts a riot. Soon an argument may break out. But this brings us to another point: Don’t get offended. I know that sounds impossible, but think about it. If you simply replied with, “Well, I have no problem eating meat, but if that’s the lifestyle you’ve chosen, I’m glad you’re happy with that.” Then smile. They’ll never see it coming, and they’ll never know what to say. If you did want to alter their thinking, do so in a calm matter by simply asking more questions about what they believe and truly understanding them before making assumptions and starting arguments. I truly believe if more people applied this method we could live a little more peaceably with others. But those are my thoughts.

If you’ve made it this far, I commend you for reading my inner meditations and taking them to heart. I hope you’ll be willing to read more of my mental dealings in the future. I may regularly update this blog on Fridays, but that can be subject to change. On a different note, assuming you’re still reading, I very much enjoy creating various kinds of art. If that interests you, I suggest you check my online gallery on Deviant Art here: http://missvirginia.deviantart.com/

All the other links that I have promoted are still accessible on this blog, such as my store, so feel free to go to those places too.

I hope you’ll return to “read my mind”, but I will say farewell. Ou au revoir!

Live to Die.