Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Many Things Are in Store For You

My Amazon.com sponsored store is now up and running. I will continue to add new merchandise seeing as it is a little limited right now, so keep checking back. Here is the link:


Also, still free to use the widget in the side bar. And be sure to read the "About Us" section on the website.

Thank you.

Strive to be better.

><> Carmen <><

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Your Window to the Amazon. . .

A new widget has been added to the side bar. Feel free to search through the Amazon.com products as I am referring their merchandise now. They have agreed to pay me a percentage of the purchases from Amazon that have been accessed through my page. The money I earn is solely for my college education seeing as I have yet to win a scholarship. So please know your purchases are for a good cause. ^_^

Strive to be better

><> Carmen <><