Tuesday, February 25, 2014

As History Rhymes

So do my experiences with my history class. I feel like I shouldn't even bother writing this post. For the sake of variety I will shift my focus on something positive rather than complaining about the negative.

I've learned far more about Benjamin Franklin in my recent days than I thought I had known. Even if his autobiography was written to keep up appearances, as my professor suggests, the words stringed together to form their meaning is a still a trove of good advice and useful knowledge.

I was so delighted when envisioning a young Franklin with a bread roll under each arm trying to find his barrings in a strange land upon running away from home. His early years were delightful and so wonderfully human in contrast to the status that many have elevated him to as a founding father of our country.

I will say so far this is my favourite book and even though I have to move on to other reading for class, I'm most interested in returning to this one when I get the chance.

In other news I plan to write a series entitled Conservative Options, and then visually record them in an abbreviated form. In them I wish to articulate my alternate views that political conservatives can take that are different, with the potential to be effective, while still holding to what it is that appears to keep America great.

I am unsure of my readership, but I hope you look forward to it. However, considering my schedule, this may be slow going, but I hope to have it started before the semester ends.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

They're Deafening

Those complaints. I feel as if I'm being hypocrite for doing the same, but if I do not say something I feel I will burst.

It's as if when I find some solace and some camaraderie in something, I'm dashed by those that do not find the same. Samual Sewall was an interesting yet typical Puritan, as I recently learned, and his diary is a trove of information for historians wanting a glimpse of early New England. However, I guess vampires are more interesting or whatever it is young people read these days. Not once do I want to hear someone falling asleep to a book they have not found interesting or entertaining. You can do it, but don't let that phrase ring in in my ear. Not again.

I feel so isolated.

Was I the only one who read the book in interest? Was I the only one who laughed? Was I the only one who awed at how children could speak and or recite Latin when I struggled with it as a child myself? What am I to do? Should I cry? Should I scream? Should I stamp out in consternation?

No man is an island they say, funny, I feel I am one in an ocean of disinterested hedonists.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

It Begins Again

I'll be returning to university full time soon.

I remember as a child in elementary school an excitement that accompanied a new semester of school. It's not there in the same way now. I'm more anticipating something miraculous to happen. I anticipate seeing someone come to Christ. I anticipate having a good friend. I anticipate meeting the man of my dreams. I don't know if that's wrong--to want so much--but sometimes hope makes reality less painful.

I also hope to see some interest in learning. I have had the great priviledge to meet professors with a great interest in teaching, but often times very few seem to be interested in learning or get excited about it.Some of the things I've learned over years has been the most fascinating information I've ever come across, yet I can probably count on one hand who appeared to share that sentiment.

However, as an artist I admire said, I need to just enjoy life and school while I have it. I think I need to do just that. Moreover, find my joy in Him from who all knowledge and wisdom flows.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I really don't know how truthful that title is, but I realized I rather neglected this blog. Mostly because I have little time to write, or rather I don't take the time I have and devote it to writing. I miss it though, like I miss a lot of things about growing up.

Since I took some time to go back and look at some of my post I realized a great deal hasn't changed. In fact, it's been refined as far as my ideas and character are concerned. However the world seems to be becoming more feckless, more brazen, and more hopeless. This is in my face almost every day if not every day.

And I feel completely innocuous.

There are some days when I have no idea what I'm doing here. Yet that seems like everyday. And I don't mean moment to moment, I mean ultimately, what in the world did God put me here to do? I don't think I'm doing anything important other than wasting my parents money getting an education that might not be useful for anything in the future. I have had successes. I'm an honors student. But, will it all really matter?

I keep telling myself I'm only visiting, Heaven is my home, and that's true, but sometimes that's so hard to believe when you've never gotten to see Jesus with skin on him. It's like knowing the air you breathe is there, but you want to see it's cycles, you want to see it's form. The water or the leaves might mimic it as they flow and fly around, but you're still not seeing it. You want to so badly, but you can't because of its nature and yours.

I'm so tired of being blind, I want to see the wind.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Bound by Time and Clauses

Again, in class, we got into a discussion. Again I couldn't fully speak my mind.

Our instructor brought up Santa Claus. Most/all celebrated Christmas, most believed in Santa Claus. Of course I stood as the only who hadn't been fed the lie of the magical Santa Claus.

Later on I remarked that Christians shouldn't lie about Santa Claus, and others remarked Christmas wasn't as fun without him.

First of all, if we had time and I wasn't interrupted, I would have noted my Christmases were fun. It was a great time of family and fun, feasts and fine memories. Furthermore, belief in a fat happy man will bring presents every year is silly, especially when the real Saint Nicholaus was far more noble.  Also, the gift of Christ is every single day, and the mystery is never revealed until death or his coming so no disappointment overcomes a person when they grow out of naiveté.

This is the only thing I dislike about this class; I'm sit frustrated in my own thoughts and not knowing if my point would be understood if I just explain myself fully.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The "Monoversity" of University

I’ve started a new semester, and with other obligations in my life I find that I’ve quite neglected this blog. However, I think I’ll still write when the desire comes to do so.

That desire has come now.

I have recently departed from one of my classes and among the discussions we were having we happened upon the topic of diversity. My instructor was commenting on how he didn’t understand students when they said they came to VCU for the “diversity” since typically people would get into groups with a common denominator (race, religion, etc being the denominator). I agreed with this statement, however, some of the other students commented saying how they liked seeing everyone and the potential of meeting different people. Some also mentioned how everyone gets a chance to be more themselves.

I fail to make such a distinction.

Long story short it seemed I was on a completely different campus. To me everyone looks the same, likes similar things, or finds an acquaintance with those same interests. There are many races and nations represented here, but generally I find most are rather “cookie cutter”.

My main issue is why people are even looking at such an aspect of their college education. We are supposedly trying to move toward a color-blind society, yet here we are advertising, “We are now in Technicolor!”

One final observation I noted was that they showed how lacking in diversity they were that they all had the same opinion; at least those that have the gall to speak up.  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

All or Nothing

Premise 1: If I believe life begins at the conception of human baby, I am pro-life.
Premise 2: If I am pro-life, I will do my best to limit and eventually stop the legal practice of abortion
Condition 1: If the baby was conceived during rape or incest or if the mother’s life is in danger, then I will not limit or stop the legal practice of abortion.

This was the basic argument of Rep. Paul Ryan during the vice presidential not long ago. Needless to say, his argument is hopelessly incorrect.

Condition 1 does not follow or interact logically with Premises 1 and 2. A person is either pro-life or pro-abortion, a person cannot have it two ways.

If we acknowledge his argument, we would have to ask why suddenly the child is no longer living because of the way he/she was conceived, or if the woman’s life is in danger. There is no answer for this question, because it's impossible. Either the child is a human life at conception, no matter the situation, or its not. 

This is the frustration that accompanies Republicans trying to play the center. Either you believe all of something or you don’t. You’re either all for life, or you’re not.

Either you believe, or you don't.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Freedom in Slavery to Self

Recently, I had entered a 200 level French class. Also, recently I withdrew from said French class. Not because it was too difficult, but it was a source of stress in addition to my other classes. I also took on the class originally to have fun and continue learning the grammar and intricacies of French that I came to enjoy in the 101 and 102 levels. However, even though the 201 class covered the grammar, the main focus was to encourage speaking with the topics being about French culture, which my self-avowed socialist, multi-cultural, yet rather handsome instructor supported. Before I made the decision to withdraw, we had begun chapter 2 in our text which focused on male and female roles in French, and the “liberation” that women received through government intervention.

Being female, I’m in full support of the law looking on everyone equally in voting, buying, selling, and other such social interactions. However, from a Christian woman’s perspective, the “freedom” to kill an unborn child or fulfill every sexual desire that happens upon a person is not “freedom”, but an acknowledgement of slavery to self. It is also not a just as criminals are charged with murder when killing an individual no matter the age outside of the womb, yet when a woman kills her child inside of the womb it is “freedom”. If a woman has a sexual act with a child, animal, or unwilling partner it is decried as unnatural and deviant, yet if she does this same act with one of her own sex it is celebrated; she is called “free” despite the same deviant unnatural aspect of the act.

For the most part I taught myself French from books and computer programs before entering into the college programs, and learned of French culture from unbiased literature. I will continue to attempt going down that path, since I cannot abide the personal conditioning by liberal folk in my emotional state, especially when I can’t communicate back to them my views (the students are expected to respond/converse in French) as I would in English.

No great loss, the bright side is I can focus on my art, and receive A’s in my other classes that actually are required.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Atheism Should Not Mean Neutrality

Around a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a video on the front page of Youtube titled “American Muslims Stone Christians in Dearborn, MI (Original edit)”. I watched a small portion of it (since it was very long and I soon I had other business to attend to) to find a youth screaming obscenities at a man holding a sign. His sign, and all the signs held by his friends if I recall correctly, had Bible verses on them that referred to Christ’s sacrifice and salvation. When I later had a chance to watch the video in most of its in entirety I found that more occurred than yelled obscenities. Rocks, trash, and other objects were thrown at these Christians walking silently through an Arab festival. Furthermore, the police did little to nothing to stop the riot or help the Christians, and in fact, told them to leave or face a citation for disorderly conduct.

Needless to say, this upset me, confused me, and saddened me, but what made me ponder the longest was the comment I saw when I initially watched only a short clip of the video.

“This is one of the 5 billion reasons I’m an atheist.”

This was one of the top rated comments at the time, but it must have only recently been cycled in because it only had around 5 “thumbs up”. Nevertheless, the comment still stands. What about this comment caused me to ponder so deeply? Well, let alone there aren’t 5 billion reasons to be an atheist, but that’s a technicality and I’m sure the user was being hyperbolic. However, to think that being a person that has decided God does not exist exempts him from a situation in which two worldviews are clashing is a terrible misconception. Other religions get an equal thrashing from atheists if not physically, but verbally while claiming reason is the answer rather than religion—in the Christian case, relationship. So being an atheist does not exempt this person or people who are like-minded from conflicts that mirror this one, though his statement implies that it does exempt him.

What makes me even more curious is why he was not on the Christians’ side. They were the ones peaceably trying to insert a voice where there otherwise was not one in a place that celebrated a fallacy. The response to that was not inattention or curiosity, but outright rage, violence, and dissent. Even one who has no faith in Yeshua could see there is a stark contrast between the people proclaiming John 3:16 and the people through crates.

What’s most disturbing is this person, and whomever agrees, has taken a position of neutrality. Instead of examining both sides and coming to the conclusion that one is clearly in the wrong he has said, “Whomever they’re fighting over doesn’t exist—I wash my hands of their conflict.” Even the late Christopher Hitchens valued freedom of speech, and I dare say he would be on the side of those Christians not because of their beliefs, but because their fundamental right of free speech was violated by others who disagreed and authorities too frightened to uphold their rights.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Personal Fire

“In the same way, if man has been kicked up by chance out of what is only impersonal, then those things that make him man—hope of purpose and significance, love, motions of morality and rationality, beauty and verbal communication—are ultimately unfulfillable [sic] and are thus meaningless.” Francis Schaeffer

I read this recently in The God Who is There by Francis Schaeffer. I must say he is my favourite philosopher, and the Lord has used him to open my eyes to many truths about Himself. This statement I read recently was written in conjunction with the argument that an impersonal universe cannot bring forth a personal being. As he expounded on this point, I realized that nothing else in our world does this. Humans, personal beings, always apply personality to otherwise impersonal objects brought about by the universe or nature. We give animals smiles, with give robots emotions, we give machines a voice. Yet no other entity on earth—no other impersonal entity—has done such things. If evidence is found that some impersonal object or entity can do that, I will concede that God and our personality is an illusion.

However, this principal has a further application has well. When my pastor spoke this Sunday about the power of the tongue, he read James 3:6, “And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity; so is the tongue among our members, that it defileth the whole body, and setteth on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire of hell.” With this verse I also realized that God, who is personal, put personality into man he also but the power of his words, to a lesser degree, into man. God can say, “Light, be.” And it is. Just as man can curse another and cause destruction. God can say he will cause it to rain on the earth until all evil has been destroyed, just as man can speak a blessing over his fellow that sends him into abundance.

Our God put so much more in us than “hope of purpose and significance, love, motions of morality and rationality, beauty and verbal communication”. He gave us power, and in our sinfulness we often abused it to the greatest degree. Yet we have mercy through Jesus Christ that said “It is finished”, and with his words and actions brought redemption to all mankind despite our untamable tongue.

Yes, the tongue is a fire, but through he that is Living Water it can be quenched.